Gary’s new EP “SCATTERED” is now available.

Gary has released a new EP “Everything is Changing”
Check out the tracks on Amrap  Gary Leonard Hammond Everything is Changing or on iTunes Everything is Changing

Gary and Paul O’Gorman wrote the title track for the new Russell Morris 
album “Black and Blue Heart” 

Check out this brilliant new Australian release
Gary is involved with the Danny Finley project called “I Wish I’d Asked”
With Paul O’Gorman he wrote the associated song called “Ask Me I’ll Tell You
recorded by Colleen Hewett and Kieran Tobin

Amrap Airit release NUMBER 26 by Gary Leonad Hammond
 The new album “Number 26” released on Monday August 30 on Amrap Airit.
Amrap Airit is a Federal Government initiative to promote selected Australian
music to national and community broadcasters.