A quiet moment spent with you
a sanctuary far from view
they cannot see us hiding here
submerged in secrecy
they cannot see our imperfections
be critical of poor selections
taunt us with their recollections
of dealing with adversity
and how they think we should conduct our lives
advise that’s free
but never asked for once
by you or me

We stay concealed and watertight
outside their reach and line of sight
they cannot see us if we stay
behind our bolted gate
barely seen we stay protected
from all that we may be subjected
nothing stings we’re unaffected
if we don’t miscalculate
and if we stay within this quiet moment
not tempting fate
the danger that surrounds
will soon abate

But can we stay disguised forever
is it wise or even clever?
to show the world a vacant stare
an uncommitted pose
to leave without a single trace
no parting gift no saving grace
it’s surely better to embrace
the aftermath, the highs the lows
of walking forth into a thorny patch
and pluck a rose
and welcome all who aid
and who appose


We are green
you are green, I am green
we are submerged in green
we stay green always
we think we’re not but we are
we think we’re making progress, but we’re not
we think we’re clever, but we’re not
we think we make a difference, but we don’t
we look down on others because they are green
even though we ourselves are green
history proves it
we crawl around the earth
engaging in pointless activities
while expounding concocted beliefs
someone else made up for us
we worship the wrong gods
we honour the wrong deeds
we follow the wrong people
we think they have the answers
they don’t
they are green
like us


Although we walk upon this sacred ground
No toll, no fee, no reverence we pay
No silent prayer to all that does surround
To those who’ve come before and walked this way
And though your history’s rich and carved in rock
And forged in blood and shaped by legends tale
Still we show contempt and still we mock
And still our self importance does prevail
Within the land your spirits always dwelling
That can’t be bought or sold or bartered for
Your lifeblood runs through every storytelling
A message that will last forever more
We scatter waste and debris all around
But we don’t ever kiss the sacred ground


People like us justify what we do
By reciting some words someone told us were true
By believing in something we think’s a good fit
With our personal style, our exceptional wit
By accepting old cliches and social routines
Like puppets and clones, automated machines
By claiming for others, we kneel and we pray
When in truth from ourselves, our minds rarely stray
And for people like us the truth is a strain
Exhausting in detail, with little to gain
We toil for a moment, but the answers obscure
There’s only so much we can take and endure
Far better we focus on the shallow and slight
Empty indulgences, pointless and trite
We’ve booked our vacation, it’s a P and O cruise
For people like us this is meaningful news
And people like us find it hard on our own
When the water is rising we sink like a stone
We whisper the words that we’re longing to scream
So no one can hear, but we hope and we dream
That our message will travel, it’s a little absurd
But people like us carry on undeterred