From “Over The Hill”
Down by the river
We will meet secretly
We’ll start a journey
We have longed to be free

We’ll be going over the hill
Going over the hill
We’re not returning
We will be
Over the hill


From “A Land Without Borders”
They’re plotting your downfall
They test your resolve
Of a promised land so far away
But you’d rather die than withdraw
Injustice you’d never ignore


From “You Made Your Mind Up”

You keep on working
All through the night
You tell your stories
Of love and the falling rain
But there’s no deal no money
But you made your mind up long ago
This is the thing that you would do
The only thing you’d ever do


From “In Their Shoes”

Take a little time to think it over
You may see another point of view
If you walk a little in their shoes
In their shoes