I built a model aeroplane
and proudly showed it off
it had intricate parts and working pieces
all designed by me
and built by me
it was special like me
and complex like me
it had genius, creativity and flair
like me
I wondered if it was the greatest model aeroplane
ever made
So I started to look at others
they were better than mine
they were amazing, they were incredible
I couldn’t believe how good they were
mine had flaws that now became apparent
it was ordinary like me
it was bland like me
it was a cliche, insipid and common
like me
I hated it
one day I smashed it into a thousand pieces

© garyleonardhammond 2019



Another’s shoes and I may see it differently
I may reconsider a belief once set in stone
convictions may crumble
and leave me questioning
why I ever held that opinion in the first place

And I may join you on your bold crusade
to change the hearts and minds
of a people once like me
before I experienced your pain
before I breathed in your desire
your dreams, your hopes and prayers

Another’s shoes and I may cross examine
every banner that I once held
and every law that I’ve protested
and through another’s eyes I may become familiar
with the ache inside your heart
that I overlooked in a previous time

© garyleonardhammond 2019


A single man is he
He’s like a stranger that you see
Remote and in the distance
Purposeful or seemingly
But maybe not
He’s always been a master of disguise
And practised in the art
Of subterfuge and subtle lies

In years gone by
Unfaithfulness has hurt him once or twice
For love’s a wheel of fortune spun
A rolling of the dice
He moulds the perfect alibi
For everyone he meets
A tender spot is camouflaged
Then quickly he retreats

You’ll see him drinking slowly
At the local coffee place
He takes a corner table
Where the shadows hide his face
And though he seems impassive
There’s a discord in his head
But he knows the thoughts he keeps within
Are better left unsaid

Acquaintance’s had told him
Travel to a foreign shore
You may find acceptance
And the love your looking for
He journeyed long in each direction
From his place of birth
But a stranger is a stranger
Everywhere upon the earth

Alone at night he contemplates
The stars, the universe
He looks back at his life
Misguided choices he will curse
And though a heaviness of heart
He battles to ignore
He knows a single man
Is what he’ll be forever more

© garyleonardhammond 2019