I built a model aeroplane
and proudly showed it off
it had intricate parts and working pieces
all designed by me
and built by me
it was special like me
and complex like me
it had genius, creativity and flair
like me
I wondered if it was the greatest model aeroplane
ever made
So I started to look at others
they were better than mine
they were amazing, they were incredible
I couldn’t believe how good they were
mine had flaws that now became apparent
it was ordinary like me
it was bland like me
it was a cliche, insipid and common
like me
I hated it
one day I smashed it into a thousand pieces

© garyleonardhammond 2019



Another’s shoes and I may see it differently
I may reconsider a belief once set in stone
convictions may crumble
and leave me questioning
why I ever held that opinion in the first place

And I may join you on your bold crusade
to change the hearts and minds
of a people once like me
before I experienced your pain
before I breathed in your desire
your dreams, your hopes and prayers

Another’s shoes and I may cross examine
every banner that I once held
and every law that I’ve protested
and through another’s eyes I may become familiar
with the ache inside your heart
that I overlooked in a previous time

© garyleonardhammond 2019



I walked among the beasts and heard them bellow
noises, ugly and simple minded
impoverished of thought
bound together by a simple hatred
and a target they can aim at
lined up in a row at the trough
they snort and grunt
a familiar tune

© garyleonardhammond 2019